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#20820: Add font support for Shift-JIS
 Reporter:  cypherpunks                          |          Owner:  tbb-
                                                 |  team
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Component:  Applications/Tor Browser             |        Version:
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Changes (by yawning):

 * cc: yawning (added)


 Replying to [comment:6 cypherpunks]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 yawning]:
 > > As a side note, even with the "correct" font(s), all the art under the
 `モナーの進化` header looks messed up.  I don't have a windows system to
 check if that's a Wikipedia issue or a font issue, though I suspect it's
 the former.
 > I tested on Windows 7 with Tor Browser 6.0.8, and it seems to display
 correctly. It does not on Linux.

 I've been testing with standard firefox instead of Tor Browser since I
 didn't feel like messing with the whitelist config.  A quick check shows
 that the art under that subheading is broken even in chromium.  So not
 sure what to say.

 > An even better test of SJIS, btw, is [https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/アス
 プロポーショナルフォントのもの] and down.

 Those display fine with Mona and IPAMonaPGothic, so I think the plan of
 "Ship Mona instead of NotoSans as the Japanese font" would be enough of an

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