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#14098: TBB still doesn't round windows in some cases
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 Other case where TBB (Win) still doesn't round screen size correctly (now
 in v6.08).

 If Windows' DPI is left '''default 96''', then as of 01/05/2017, sites
 report TBB initial start size 1000 W x 900 H, on a 1920x1080, 4:3, 22 inch
 monitor.   Is that the best possible on this size / shape monitor?  Since
 50 - 75 or 90% ?? of desktop monitors today are probably widescreen
 (common 4:3), why a nearly square TBB screen that's < half the monitor?

 But for many folks with < 20/20 vision or focusing issues, '''when Windows
 DPI is increased''' (say 110), then sites still report 1000 W, but an odd
 height (like 729) - never a multiple of 100.

 That's starting TBB normally & not touching a button.  Same issue in a
 fresh TBB D/L, clean install in new folder, leaving all default settings.

 Why can TBB correctly round the width but not height when system DPI is
 changed?  AFAIK, it's never correctly rounded both height & width, if
 Widows DPI was changed from default.

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