[tbb-bugs] #24699 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Torbrowser keeps crashing/ hanging and freezing, plus it takes a very long time to load after hibernation

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#24699: Torbrowser keeps crashing/ hanging and freezing, plus it takes a very long
time to load after hibernation
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     Severity:  Critical             |  frozen, lock, broken, hanging,
                                     |  crash
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 Using Windows 7, 64-bit

 I've had these same problems on two different laptops, both running
 Windows 7, 64-bit.

 The past several versions of Torbrowser, including the recent 7.0.11 and
 7.5a.9, the browser keeps hanging up and freezing.

 When the tabs are frozen, sometimes I can ctrl+tab to the next one, but
 the screen will be white and the address in the bar doesn't change, so
 it's not really changing tabs even though the highlighted tab changes.

 Also, sometimes the window will additionally be on top of everything else
 when it's not supposed to be and I can't view any other windows.  It won't
 restore to NOT being in front of every other program, and with it being
 frozen or hanging I will have to close it and start all over.

 Additionally, when it does work it takes a very long time to load from
 hibernation to get to a point where the tabs function properly, sometimes
 as much as 20 minutes (with approx 15 open tabs, and that's really not

 I will often have several tabs open and need to hibernate the computer to
 finish later.  These problems typically occur after returning from
 hibernating.  This keeps costing me hours of lost work.

 I have Not had this problem with other browsers using as many as 25 open
 tabs. So this is definitely a Torbrowser issue, and my preference is to
 use Torbrowser so hopefully this can be fixed soon.

 I have tried reporting these issues several times before but have
 apparently not been in the right place so I hope this is the correct
 location to report these bugs so it can be fixed.

 Thanks very much.

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