[tbb-bugs] #24421 [Applications/Tor Browser]: "Temporarily allow all this page" and uploads get inherited when New Identity is chosen.

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#24421: "Temporarily allow all this page" and uploads get inherited when New
Identity is chosen.
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Changes (by gk):

 * cc: mcs, brade (added)


 Some weird things I learned so far:

 1) This got introduced with commit
 32f9cf56c89ccd2e24924975dc5515e4198d28c3 which fixes #18913.

 2) This issue (the one in comment:description) is *not* reproducible
 during first start with a clean new bundle. However, starting with the
 second start the STR work for me. Digging deeper what prevents the bug to
 occur with a clean, new Tor Browser is
             // TBB 5.0a3 users had all the necessary data cached in
             // directoryLinks.json. This meant that resetting the pref
             // alone was not sufficient as the tiles features uses the
             // even if the pref indicates that feature should be disabled.
             // We flip the preference below as this forces a refetching
             // effectively results in an empty JSON file due to our
             // URLs.
             let matchOS = m_tb_prefs.getBoolPref("intl.locale.matchOS");
             m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("intl.locale.matchOS", !matchOS);
             m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("intl.locale.matchOS", matchOS);
 which is run in `torbutton.js` on first start.

 I am not sure yet how 1) and 2) fit together.

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