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Fri Dec 15 18:28:32 UTC 2017

#24638: Welcome dialog missing protocol from link
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 Hi Browser team. First time spinning up tor browser in a while and I have
 some minor feedback...

 1. The torproject.org is missing the 'https' prefix, which makes it look
 less like a link. Honestly we probably shouldn't show a url here at all.
 Is there a reason we need folks to copy-paste this rather than making it a
 clickable link?


 2. Minor phrasing thing. Changing the first option to "I would like to
 directly connect to the Tor network." is both shorter and reads better.

 3. Initial connection chills at 'loading relay information' for a long
 time (on the order of minutes). Some movement or indication that tor is
 still doing something would be helpful for first time users. As it is the
 static dialog gives the impression that tor might be frozen.

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