[tbb-bugs] #21847 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Update copy for security slider to be consistent with the mobile experience

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Fri Dec 15 09:46:36 UTC 2017

#21847: Update copy for security slider to be consistent with the mobile experience
 Reporter:  isabela                              |          Owner:  tbb-
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                                                 |  needs_review
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  TorBrowserTeam201712R, GeorgKoppen201712       |
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:14 mcs]:
 > The changes look fine to me, except we should replace the word "tap"
 with "click" for desktop. I think it is only the
 `torbutton.prefs.sec_tap_to_play_media` entity which needs to be updated.

 Good point. Should be fixed in `bug_21847_v2`
 Please have a look again.

 > We should make sure that any minor text changes flow back to mobile
 (other than "tap" -> "click").

 I'll open a follow-up bug once we are done here.

 > Also, I wanted to compare to the Orfox interface but I could not figure
 out how to open the security slider on Android. Either it is not there or
 I cannot find it (but I am pretty sure I have seen it in the past). I
 tried with the version from Google Play (1.4rc3?) as well as this release

 Good question. I currently don't have a mobile device to test that. What I
 used instead was using the screenshot on https://blog.torproject.org/blog

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