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#23136: moat integration (fetch bridges for the user)
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Comment (by isabela):

 Replying to [comment:22 mcs]:

 > Unfortunately, Kathy and I did not know that you were planning to do
 more design work. We have already proceeded down a different
 implementation path (using the overlay approach, as we discussed). Since
 we are already well past our engineering deadline for this task, I don't
 think it makes sense to switch right now to the inline flow that you have
 designed. Also, our implementation includes most of what you suggested.

 I know this project is running late. We understand it and is ok to go with
 the flow you implemented. I think we will do better with timing on new
 projects, we are actually doing it with the roadmap coordinations which is
 giving time for design work etc.

  Here is some info about our flow:
 > * When the user clicks the "Request another bridge" radio button, a
 CAPTCHA prompt is shown. This prompt is overlaid on top of the other
 content that is in the settings panel.
 > * If the user cancels without completing the CAPTCHA, the prompt is
 closed and a "Request a Bridge…" button is displayed beneath the "Request
 another bridge" radio button.
 > * If someone who is interacting with the CAPTCHA prompt enters an
 incorrect response, we keep the same CAPTCHA but display the following in
 red below the CAPTCHA image: "The solution is not correct. Please try
 > * After the CAPTCHA is solved and a bridge is obtained, the overlay
 disappears and the bridge info is displayed beneath the "Request another
 bridge" radio button. We also change the button label to "Get a  New
 > This is very similar to what you proposed, so I think we are actually in
 agreement on most points. Hopefully we will have a test version available
 soon, although we have a BridgeDB dependency and we are not 100% finished
 with the Tor Launcher code either.

 Yes, is very similar indeed. Our only concern  is with the pop-out because
 its not always a nice experience and takes the person out of that wizard
 window (not as bad as we had before where the user would have to go, open
 their email client, type the email etc).

 But I think we can totally work on testing it later on, and see how our
 users goes about it and if it needs any improvement. We will always be
 iterating with our work and we can look into that on a new iteration
 later, after we have the feature out and working.

 > In the meantime, please let us know if you would like us to make some
 screenshots. I know it is difficult to visualize the interface based on a
 textual description.

 If is not too much trouble I would like that. But if its, don't worry we
 can play with it once is in alpha.

 Question! If all goes well this implementation will be on a alpha release
 around Dec 15?

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