[tbb-bugs] #22071 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Disable redundant Kinto based blocklist update mechanism

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Wed Apr 26 13:42:42 UTC 2017

#22071: Disable redundant Kinto based blocklist update mechanism
     Reporter:  gk                        |      Owner:  tbb-team
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     Severity:  Normal                    |   Keywords:  f52-esr,
                                          |  tbb-7.0-must
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 Mozilla is in the transition to move to a new blocklist update system
 based on Kinto which is more fine-grained as the old one that used a big
 XML document, see: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Kinto

 It seems both systems are running in parallel right now but only the old
 one is used (see: `notify()` in `nsBlocklistService.js`) (I guess we are
 still in Phase 1 as outlined on the above wiki page). We should disable
 the one based on Kinto as there is no need to do additional requests and
 be affected by possible Kinto-related code issues.

 Flipping `services.blocklist.update_enabled` to `false` should be enough I
     // If kinto update is enabled, do the kinto update
     if (gPref.getBoolPref(PREF_BLOCKLIST_UPDATE_ENABLED)) {
       const updater =
       updater.checkVersions().catch(() => {
         // Before we enable this in release, we want to collect telemetry
         // failed kinto updates - see bug 1254099

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