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#20814: Pick a more accurate name for the "hardened" Tor Browser
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 * cc: boklm, mcs, brade (added)


 Replying to [comment:11 yawning]:
 > > Users will get updated to the alpha which will hopefully have
 selfrando included then (depends on getting #20683 fixed in time).
 > How's this going to work?  (In detail from the perspective of the
 > Or more to the point, is it still just "download an XML file, download +
 apply a MAR"?  Where's the channel change notification?  If possible I'd
 like to mimic Tor Browser's behavior for the existing sandboxed-tor-
 browser + hardened users (Though "too bad, the alpha is now forcing you to
 reinstall, hope you backed up your bookmarks" is easy.).

 We would keep the current infrastructure but the XML file for the hardened
 release would now point to the full en-US alpha MAR file. The full MAR
 update would then get rid of all the hardened related components. The
 update channel gets updated with the full MAR file as well and the user
 profile itself remains mainly untouched (with some exceptions). So, we
 should be good in that regard if I have all of the pieces correctly in my
 head. boklm might know more and could correct me if I am wrong.

 One interesting part is the locale situation as the hardened series allows
 the user to choose from much more locales for their Tor Browser. I think
 we don't have good means ready to give the users the bundle that matches
 the chosen locale. Taking that into account (and the fact that we are in
 alpha territory anyway) switching to an en-US Tor Browser seems not too
 bad. And I guess that should not break the Tor Browser either as the old
 language packs will just stop working and the en-US one will take over.
 Again, I could be wrong here but mcs/brade would know more in that case I
 think and could correct me.

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