[tbb-bugs] #20244 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Move privacy checkboxes to about:preferences#privacy (proposed)

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Mon Sep 26 16:50:56 UTC 2016

#20244: Move privacy checkboxes to about:preferences#privacy (proposed)
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 I would like to propose moving the Privacy Settings checkboxes to the
 about:preferences#privacy page. That means removing them from torbutton
 and adding them to tor-browser.git

 Here is my reasoning:

 1. The security slider can be separated from the privacy settings. The
 privacy checkboxes are dangerous, because the default (all checked) offers
 maximum privacy, and unchecking any of the checkboxes substantially
 reduces privacy. Whereas the security slider has low security by default,
 and moving the slider always increases security. So I think it's better to
 encourage use of the security slider and discourage use of the privacy

 2. We unify the privacy user interface, which hopefully simplifies it for
 users. There are already privacy settings for Firefox on the
 about:preferences#privacy page, so it seems natural to move them there.
 Also the "Always Use Private Browsing Mode" checkbox on that page is more
 or less equivalent to torbutton's "Don't record browsing history"
 checkbox. And then we don't have to duplicate the "restart" prompt
 associated with that checkbox.

 3. Hopefully we can uplift to mainline Firefox, one of our SponsorU goals,
 thereby exposing our great privacy features (first party isolation,
 fingerprinting resistance, etc.) to Firefox users in the privacy UI.

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