[tbb-bugs] #20238 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Hardened browser should have a way to disable ASan

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Sat Sep 24 17:23:00 UTC 2016

#20238: Hardened browser should have a way to disable ASan
     Reporter:  cypherpunks               |      Owner:  tbb-team
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 I've been hit twice recently by Address Sanitizer bugs (#20237, #19851).
 It's always a huge pain to figure out what's happening, and then to work
 around it. I had to grab an old glibc and hack around with $LD_PRELOAD for
 one, screw around with ulimits for the other. And I need to boot a Tails
 VM to get a working browser to search for the error messages (which aren't
 even printed by default), and then copy/paste is difficult.

 start-tor-browser should have a documented option to disable ASan. And the
 script shouldn't just clobber ASAN_OPTIONS if it's set, because that just
 complicates debugging (prepend/append your string instead).

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