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Thu Sep 8 19:26:36 UTC 2016

#20111: use Unix domain sockets for SOCKS port by default
 Reporter:  mcs                       |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:1 mcs]:
 > Kathy and I looked at this and soon realized that we cannot simply
 modify torrc-defaults (SocksPort) and the browser default preferences
 (network.proxy.socks) to use a socket path. This approach will not work
 because we need to insert a full path, and we do not know what the path is
 until the browser is starting up (it won't work to use a relative path, at
 least not on OSX where the TorBrowser-Data directory may be located in one
 of two different locations). Possibly solutions:
 > * Modify Tor Launcher to Do The Right Thing and configure tor and the
 browser correctly. This is how we handled the ControlPort.
 > * Modify the browser and tor (possibly with help from Tor Launcher) so
 we can use a placeholder within network.proxy.socks and SocksPort, e.g.,
 >   network.proxy.socks="file:///--PROFILEDIR--/../../Tor/socks.socket"
 > Comments? Do you have a better idea? Kathy and I favor the first

 To use a ControlPort via a domain socket, Tor Launcher will need to
 specify the ControlPort socket path as a command argument, correct? So the
 first approach sounds pretty natural and simple to me, where you also
 specify a path for the SocksPort and then set the network.proxy.socks pref
 in the browser.

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