[tbb-bugs] #20352 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Integrate sandboxed Tor Browser into our gitian build system

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Thu Nov 24 12:51:29 UTC 2016

#20352: Integrate sandboxed Tor Browser into our gitian build system
 Reporter:  gk                                   |          Owner:  tbb-
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                                                 |  needs_review
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 Keywords:  tbb-gitian, tbb-sandboxing,          |  Actual Points:
  GeorgKoppen201611, TorBrowserTeam201611R       |
Parent ID:  #19750                               |         Points:
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Comment (by boklm):

 Replying to [comment:17 gk]:
 > That's weird because after the first try you should have a `base-
 jessie-i386.qcow2` and during the second one (after killing qemu) you
 would create the 64bit one. Running `./make-vms.sh` again now should
 indicate that all images are created. Maybe you are seeing something
 different like the build is going trying to kill the qemu process dealing
 with jessie 64bit?

 After the first try, I cleaned all VM images before relaunching. I was
 also wondering if the `vmclean` Makefile rule should be updated to also
 clean `gitian-builder/target-jessie-*` files, so I did it manually.

 On the third try, without cleaning VM images this time, it now started the
 building part.

 > Either way it seems you hit the same problem as I: the images are not
 shutting down properly. Any idea how to cope with that? Maybe we kill them
 right away in `stop-target` until we have a proper fix at least?

 I will investigate this.

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