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Wed Nov 2 09:51:26 UTC 2016

#20379: Can't initially connect to bridges after new network connection
 Reporter:  qbi                       |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  defect                    |         Status:  new
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 Severity:  Normal                    |     Resolution:
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Comment (by qbi):

 Here are the preliminary results based on my bisecting efforts. What did I
 do after starting the bisecting?

  1. `make clean`
  1. `./autogen.sh`
  1. `./configure --disable-asciidoc`
  1. `make`
  1. `cp src/or/tor $TBB/Browser/TorBrowser/Tor`
  1. Open TBB, go to https://check.torproject.org/ and click on the Q&A as
 well as the Volunteers link.
  1. Change to another network
  1. Check that the current network connections works without Tor
  1. Open some random links in the Q&A and volunteers page
  1. wait for some minutes
  1. In the good case it usually takes less than five minutes until the
 connection works. In the bad case it "never" works. Figure out what case
 it is.
  1. `git bisect good/bad`
  1. GOTO 1

 The output I got after the first round of bisecting is:

 git bisect start
 # bad: [7010e8593978ff52e4f81e959f39e6215cd72a15] changes file for 20389
 git bisect bad 7010e8593978ff52e4f81e959f39e6215cd72a15
 # good: [9a4cac74fd2f4bb300830e06ff56f74ccf91e373] A day has passed.
 git bisect good 9a4cac74fd2f4bb300830e06ff56f74ccf91e373
 # bad: [6cc3397e26ff37d6f01471b83e0e5bb1b5aa8eee] Merge remote-tracking
 branch 'teor/fallback-script' into maint-0.2.8
 git bisect bad 6cc3397e26ff37d6f01471b83e0e5bb1b5aa8eee
 # bad: [ff3e90070fd21788ac2c1c9116f18c9b888c750a] Merge branch
 git bisect bad ff3e90070fd21788ac2c1c9116f18c9b888c750a
 # bad: [8a41d2a1d9eb65268d0f36e39d0ade77f5a39307] Merge branch
 git bisect bad 8a41d2a1d9eb65268d0f36e39d0ade77f5a39307
 # bad: [34b4da709d04a64e52f023f7fa54fdbab270546f] Fix a bunch more memory
 leaks in the tests.
 git bisect bad 34b4da709d04a64e52f023f7fa54fdbab270546f
 # good: [11e3db3ee876c8cc161d6bb019cbb19a1b623b6c] clean up whitespace
 git bisect good 11e3db3ee876c8cc161d6bb019cbb19a1b623b6c
 # bad: [cd14405a431cf351abe79441214899cfee5eb670] Merge remote-tracking
 branch 'origin/maint-0.2.7'
 git bisect bad cd14405a431cf351abe79441214899cfee5eb670
 # bad: [aaa27b995c03f6fe07849021e0302ecd9b720551] changes file for #16563
 git bisect bad aaa27b995c03f6fe07849021e0302ecd9b720551
 # good: [c44a94606a27e3dd9eb02083c05d87f9fe049b91] Use __FUNCTION__
 instead of __PRETTY_FUNCTION__
 git bisect good c44a94606a27e3dd9eb02083c05d87f9fe049b91
 # good: [bfd9dccdb8692a8d1d04c1c4004bc4bd3236c7b1] Merge remote-tracking
 branch 'origin/maint-0.2.7'
 git bisect good bfd9dccdb8692a8d1d04c1c4004bc4bd3236c7b1
 # good: [20ec030d9b6ff0e403e37d2161f3e53dfd6dd622] Fix compilation with
 openssl 1.1 by forcibly disabling some tests
 git bisect good 20ec030d9b6ff0e403e37d2161f3e53dfd6dd622
 # good: [41782bf3ac0ce1d2b3363585e652dfe944a9a58e] Merge remote-tracking
 branch 'tvdw/fix-16563'
 git bisect good 41782bf3ac0ce1d2b3363585e652dfe944a9a58e
 # first bad commit: [aaa27b995c03f6fe07849021e0302ecd9b720551] changes
 file for #16563

 I'll do some rechecking over the next days, because this was a highly
 manual process which is prone to errors. Also it depends on the network
 conditions. So I want to see if I can reproduce this result. If it is
 done, I'll report back.

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