[tbb-bugs] #19047 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Disable Heartbeat prompts in Tor Browser

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Tue May 17 16:45:12 UTC 2016

#19047: Disable Heartbeat prompts in Tor Browser
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:3 mcs]:
 > We already set browser.selfsupport.enabled = false in
 browser/app/profile/000-tor-browser.js, and Kathy and I believe that is
 enough to disable the Heartbeat feature for both regular and private
 windows. If we want to be doubly sure we could also set
 browser.selfsupport.url to an empty string.
 > Kathy and I definitely believe that we should also set
 browser.uitour.enabled = false. Doing so will disable a bunch of code that
 allows remote pages to manipulate the browser UI (in a limited way,
 assuming no bugs). Maybe that deserves its own ticket. But in
 ticket:18886#comment:16, Arthur wrote:
 > > I haven't modified the UITour code as we are already suppressing the
 UITour itself.
 > Arthur, how are we suppressing the UITour?

 In our torbutton patch for #18905 we remove the "[BrowserName] Tour" menu
 item from the help menu. But I agree we should also set
 "browser.uitour.enabled" to false.

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