[tbb-bugs] #18994 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Tor crashes after tor browser update running bridge mode in Windows

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Sat May 14 17:57:49 UTC 2016

#18994: Tor crashes after tor browser update running bridge mode in Windows
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Comment (by eli):

 Apologies for this tardy reply, day job has left me no time until this
 weekend.  I did perform a number of other tests, nothing of interest to

 comment by teor:
 > Your Tor is running as a bridge relay using the Tor Browser bundle    >
 on Windows.
 > I'm not sure if that's something we support.
 > Where are those instructions from?

 Nowhere.  Based on my experience running windows bridges in previous
 versions of tor I assumed that the same could be done in tor browser 4+.
 I guess I should've taken the hint when torrc-defaults no longer had any
 suggestions for bridge lines.  I did ask about this at
 help at rt.torproject.org before I learned that it had been shut down.

 FWIW: I'd bought a low-power box intending to dedicate it to running
 bridges 24/7, assuming that I could load a linux distro onto it.  Turns
 out that's not true; the CPU/graphics chips, which are hardwired in, can't
 load Debian or even run it from a live USB or CD.  So as long as I'm using
 that box I'll have to run tor for windows.

 The other reason that I thought I should be able to run a bridge mode
 under tor browser is the windows bridges I'm seeing in .../server-
 descriptors/ .

 (Admittedly a small number: currently less than 100. I haven't been able
 to make the time to extract previous numbers from archives.  Tor browser
 in client mode is excellent; but are devs moving toward bridge mode being
 enabled in *nix only?)

 > It's also worth noting that you just leaked your bridge's IP address, >
 so it might be worth getting another IP address if it's static.

 That may be because I've been testing different configurations, and not
 paying attention to DNS leakage. Could it be because I'm enabling
 SafeLogging 1 during tests?

 > It looks like your torrc is not set up in a way that Tor Browser can
 > find the ControlPort. Is the ControlPort on 9150 where Tor Browser
 > expects it to be?

 Yes, that's the error msg about half the time. I was able to use
 ControlPortWriteToFile to identify the control port in previous
 configurations (I recall it was 9150, but I killed that log and may be
 misremembering.) In the few configurations I was able to (too quickly) run
 this past week, that line hasn't been producing output.

 I guess I'll do a little more testing just to satisfy my curiosity.  But
 since bridge mode is nonstandard and I don't expect help in this project,
 I'll give up the idea of running a reliable bridge until I can get a low-
 power linux-capable box that I can run 24/7. - eliaz

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