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Fri Mar 25 02:05:45 UTC 2016

#18629: archive.tp.o needs a shepherd or it will go away
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 Weasel has pointed out that archive.torproject.org has no owner, and since
 the VM needs to move, our policies for services say that it should be shut
 down unless it gets an owner:

 It would be wonderful to get it an owner. Since it's where the old Tor
 Browsers go to live, could I ask somebody from the Tor Browser team to
 pick this up?

 In theory there shouldn't be that much to it. There's a cron job that runs
 somewhere to copy stuff from dist.tp.o over to archive.tp.o. We should
 figure out if it's doing the right thing, and make sure it's still doing
 that right thing after the move. Figuring out how much disk space it has,
 and when it's going to run out at the current rate of growth, might be
 wise too.

 You would not need to maintain the computer or the apache and so on --
 just make sure that the files there are the ones we want them to be, etc.

 (There are other files on archive that maybe don't need to be there, but I
 think it's fine to leave them there for now unless you want to get

 Andrew used to do this, and it's been personless since he left.


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