[tbb-bugs] #18619 [Tor Browser]: TBB/ESR45 reports "InvalidStateError" in browser console

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Wed Mar 23 23:52:18 UTC 2016

#18619: TBB/ESR45 reports "InvalidStateError" in browser console
     Reporter:  arthuredelstein  |      Owner:  tbb-team
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    Component:  Tor Browser      |    Version:
     Severity:  Normal           |   Keywords:
Actual Points:                   |  Parent ID:  #15197
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 An `InvalidStateError` appears in the browser console, unfortunately with
 no source filename or line number (only the word `<unknown>` for source).
 I tracked this error down to our setting the pref "dom.indexedDB.enabled"
 to false in `000-tor-browser.js`. I haven't yet found where the error is
 being produced, but I presume it is a `.jsm` or `.js` file somewhere in
 the Firefox codebase, attempting to use an indexedDB.

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