[tbb-bugs] #18594 [Tor Browser]: Add "tell tor-announce" to the stable Tor Browser release checklist?

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Mon Mar 21 02:25:33 UTC 2016

#18594: Add "tell tor-announce" to the stable Tor Browser release checklist?
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 We have a mailing list called tor-announce. Currently it is used very
 rarely, I think mostly or entirely by the little-t-tor developers to
 announce new stable little-t-tor releases. (It was used 8 times in 2015,
 and has not yet been used in 2016.)

 It is questionable nowadays whether our main user audience wants to hear
 about the little-t-tor releases. I think what they meant to hear about is
 "stable releases of the Tor software that we think most users want to
 learn about". Over the past years, I think that should have come to
 include Tor Browser.

 Does this sound plausible to you as well? If so, should we add a "tell
 tor-announce" step to the Tor Browser release checklist for stable

 (Technically, users don't need to know about the new releases in order to
 update, since their Tor Browser will itself handle the update. And
 technically, I might argue that any software which qualifies as "that we
 think most users want to learn about" should have secure automated updates
 in it. But our users still want to hear details of what exactly has
 changed. Some of them want to hear it via the blog, some via twitter, and
 there are 17000+ people on tor-announce, so clearly some of them want to
 hear via mailing list too.)

 (Also, I've told Kate that she should keep an eye out for super important
 tor project news that is worth highlighting for the tor-announce audience,
 and to be conservative: if we pick a few a year this is fine. "We're doing
 a fundraiser", "check out this report that the UN just wrote -- tell your
 friends!", and "look, a new execdir" might have been the 2015 ones.)

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