[tbb-bugs] #18593 [Tor Browser]: lxde (file manager) hangs when trying to run "Tor Browser Setup"?

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Mon Mar 21 01:10:42 UTC 2016

#18593: lxde (file manager) hangs when trying to run "Tor Browser Setup"?
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 We have a report from a user on #tor who extracted Tor Browser 5.5.4 with
 "xarchiver", and then found the "Tor Browser Setup" in their file manager,
 and when they click-clicked it, they just waited forever.

 Whereas this person went into the Browser/ directory and click-clicked on
 "Tor Browser Setup" from there and the usual connect/configure window
 popped up.

 I tried doing this just now from xfce's file manager and it worked. Is
 this a bug with "lxde"'s file manager? Was it user error? Is there
 something wrong with the {{{start-tor-browser.desktop}}} file, which could
 be improved?

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