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#18592: pdfjs breaks when javascript disabled
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 I'm using hardened tor browser 6.0a4 in high security mode with noscript
 disabled and javascript.enabled=false (noscript somehow breaks sites in
 ways that disabling javascript doesn't; I haven't figured it out yet or
 found a good testcase).

 When I navigate to a pdf, e.g.
 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d3/Test.pdf I get a blank
 pdfjs viewer. It seems disabling javascript breaks the viewer, which is
 silly: most of firefox is written in JS and it doesn't stop working.
 pdfjs, as a built-in component, shouldn't either. But of course it
 shouldn't execute any JS found in the pdf file (I don't know whether it
 will by default).

 Workaround is to set pdfjs.disabled=true and download them. But I'd rather
 have a built-in viewer.

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