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Mon Mar 14 13:49:28 UTC 2016

#18543: Change dialog message when there is no protocol to copy
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 I'm running Tor Browser 6.0a3-hardened on Debian GNU/Linux. When I wanted
 to Tor Browser, it showed me a message that Tor unexpectedly was closed. I
 wanted to copy the relevant log messages and clicked on the "copy the Tor
 protocol message" button (I use the german version which says "Tor-
 Protokoll in die Zwischenablage kopieren"). After I hit the button a
 message appeared which read like "Copy ready. 0 Messages were copied"
 (German: "Kopie vollständig. 0 Tor-Protokollnachrichten sind bereit …").

 To me this message doesn't make fully sense. It says that there were 0
 messages copied. IMHO it would be better to print something like
 "Currently there are no log messages to copy." or a similar message to
 make it clear that there are no log messages.

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