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#18535: element 'mirror' defect. position style? startpage.com
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 Occurs in months of older and now in TBB 5.5.3, at least on startpage 10
 search results.
 Windows Vista x64 OS.

 Javascript is disabled in TBB on Startpage.
 I don't see any of this mirroring defect in current (non-ESR) Firefox,
 whether i set content to use my preferred font or set to allow page font,
 and whether javascript enabled or  disabled. (I use javaquick addon to
 toggle javascript in Firefox, but I use only noscript addon to disable
 javascript in TBB for almost all sites.)

 a horizontal enlargement in reverse color and left-right mirroring, "Set
 as Home" shows when vertical scrolling aligns the real "Set as Home" link
 aligns with (blue) link of 3rd result, then disappears

 Three clipped screenshots. Screenshots are from the web page at three
 different scroll down locations.

 At second startpage search result
 "Set as Home" is green on white.
 Mirrored and compacted, it looks like is wrapped on right and top by a
 black "L"
 No link shows in TBB statusbar when hover mouse over green reverse text
 inside black stretched rectangle.

 At second startpage result, but tiniest more scrolled down.
 The green on white mirror  "Set as Home" disappears.
 Larger very wide black background with stretched green mirrored "Set as
 This black bar shows until "Set as Home" reaches tenth search result,
 where all mirroring disappears.

 For that region of second result to tenth result:
 When window width is between 804 and 806 pixels (Per irfanview, but I
 suspect this is incorrect measurement) is where the vertical leg of the
 large "L" disappears.

 All usual TBB extensions, except also installed bug489729(Disable detach
 and tear off tab) 2.1.1-signed. This is UI/XUL/chrome addon, not content-

 userContent.css contains rules that shouldn't affect? ("Set as Home" is
 not a javascript link)
 a[href^="javascript:"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.JS?size=12")}
 a[href$=".js"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.JS?size=14")}

 and other rules such as
 a[href$=".xpi"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.XPI?size=16")}
 a[href$=".xls"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.XLS?size=14")}
 a[href$=".xlsx"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.XLSX?size=14")}
 a[href$=".zip"]:before {content: url("moz-icon://.ZIP?size=12")}

 After more haphazard "testing".
 demo url is
 1. the defect may be related to window height and/or width.
 2. Shows at wider widths. Seems to show only when
 permissions.default.image;2 (images disabled) There is an icon that might
 be a :before style? Whether TBB images enabled or disabled, the icon
 doesn't shift "Set as Home" horizontally.
 3. defect may be related to resizing window edge of an already loaded page
 I also see that the "Set as Home" is within an element that seems to
 change position style depending on width, so due to @media width css rule?

 Style Inspector, "Computed [tab]", "[✓] Browser Styles" filter "position"
 <div id="set-home">
 When window is narrower, position: static;
 When window is wider and clicking near element in html pane, then click
 back to same element, same style  position: static;

 If nobody else sees this, then it is a trivial mystery, I guess.

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