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#18382: Private browsing retains state
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 (I'm another anon, not OP)

 Replying to [comment:6 cypherpunks]:
 > Yeah it's a pain to lose currently open tabs, but really that just shows
 that you're not properly compartmentalizing your browsing into segregated

 Some of us use Tor Browser as our sole browser. We shouldn't need to have
 to start another browser session and lose all my tabs just to do a search
 query that we don't want associated with previous queries on that site.

 **I shouldn't need to play spy and think about compartmentalization to
 avoid linking my search queries! **

 I currently use Tor Button's "protected cookies" feature to "protect"
 login cookies on a few sites, and then occasionally I use its "Remove all
 but protected" button to manually clear my other cookies. But, this is
 horrible, because it doesn't clear the cache etc!

 I do know how to run multiple instances of Tor Browser, and how to use
 Tails, and I'll do that if i want to read Vafcver Zntnmvar or learn about
 secret ebg13 pelcgbtencul or whatever... but I still do my everyday
 reddit/Twitter/etc browsing in long-lived Tor Browser sessions, so, I
 would very much like to be able to purge state for all but a few domains
 the way I think this ticket is requesting.

 Pls can haz kthx bye!

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