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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by ioerror):

 It is worth noting that this issue does not only impact Tor and Tor
 Browser users. It also impacts VPN users and "carrier grade" NAT users
 too. Effectively these three (NAT, VPN, Tor) classes of users are often
 without other options.

 NAT users are sometimes the victims of captured regulatory situations -
 this is commonly the case when the only or primary upstream is a national
 telecom. VPN users are often people escaping from such a NAT situation,
 among many other similar but different, contexts. Tor is much the same
 with an added detail of being Free of cost, distributed, and decentralized
 in nature.

 All of these users need to have relief from this awfully frustrating
 censorship situation. Very few of them will have a voice because of the
 disparate nature of those other networks and providers. While it is
 important to treat Tor specially - Tor is part of a group of classes that
 have related and valid concerns. As we approach a world with less and less
 IPv4, I think the IP based approach to analytics will fail more and more.
 The same is also true for IPv6, I suspect - new IP addresses are
 effectively free - a per IP reputation score may or may not even be a
 concern in the future. I suppose that this may make the problem worse:
 will entire blocks get *one* score? Or will it make it better because...?

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