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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 Hi there, Cloudflare! Another Torrorist here who, on behalf of your
 customers, you have blocked and CAPTCHA-bullied into acrimony.

 Let me tell you that I for one no longer care for you to "fix" your
 censorship: many months ago I decided I had enough of your shit,I'm not
 filling any more CAPTCHAs, you and your customers can go !__!__
 yourselves! :)

 As another commenter said, no web site is worth tolerating your bullying.
 Which is not constrained to the stupid CAPTCHA loop, by the way; as was
 also mentioned, automated web requests are perfectly legitimate use cases,
 you have no right to require a human to be sitting in front of the screen
 at all times.

 As I've been doing for the past several months, each time I see
 Cloudflare's advertisement/taunting interstitial, I'll just make a
 subconscious wish for you (the company) to die ASAP and move along to some
 other more respectful and welcoming site.

 Oh yeah, hey Cloudflare, want to see how fine a publicity act your
 censorship is for you?  Look at the comments section of every Tor Browser
 release for past bunch of months (year?), but especially since last
 December 10-ish when you apparently went "lol !__!__ these nobodies let's
 just block the entire Tor network, yay!".

 Still, I have to admit, I doubt your customers care much for the traffic
 you block.  As Schneier has said, the WWW βusiness model is surveillance.
 Your customers, Cloudflare, by and large, make their living by
 tracking/profiling/surveilling their visitors and then selling them to the
 highest bidder, usually some advertisement company.  So how much would
 these customers care for the anonymous eyeballs of a relatively small
 group (in relation to the rest of the "net") of privacy-active users of a
 technology that attempts to destroy their βusiness model?  Isn't this also
 your βusiness model, Cloudflar? Isn't this the very thing you do with the
 traffic from all those sites you MITM? I wonder who do you sell to though,

 Also, jgrahamc, despite you twice stating that Project Honey Pot is a
 third party, several sites mention that it was created by Cloudflare's own
 Matthew Prince. See for example the screenvcap posted earlier by
 cypherpunks. That's not much of a thrid party to me.

 Anyway, hope you go out of βusiness soon. Bye!

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