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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by nicatronTg):

 I'm a CloudFlare free customer, and I'd like to voice this to those at
 CloudFlare who are listening: Why can't we, as customers, at least tell
 CloudFlare to be permissive of all traffic through Tor exits? We can set
 security levels on our websites from "Under Attack" to "Essentially off,"
 but what I'd really like is another option that says "permit all traffic
 from Tor exit nodes." You can tell me about how this is blocking spam, but
 in reality I've had a significant uptake in forum spam from real human
 sweat shop workers who pass the challenge pages with no problem. The only
 reason why I want to use CloudFlare at this point is for anycast and DNS,
 but the "off" security option doesn't even exist for those of us on free

 But back to the point: If all Tor exits are known, why isn't there even a
 control panel option for customers to say "Okay, I know Tor traffic is
 good, allow it unconditionally"?

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