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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by jgrahamc):

 Replying to [comment:35 ioerror]:
 > This is useful though it is unclear - is this what CF uses on the
 backend? Is this data the reason that Google's captchas are so hard to

 It's a data source that we use for IP reputation. I was using it as
 illustrative as well because it's a third party. I don't know if there's
 any connection between Project Honeypot and Google's CAPTCHAs.

 > Offering a read only version of these websites that prompts for a
 captcha on POST would be a very basic and simple way to reduce the flood
 of upset users. Ensuring that a captcha is solved and not stuck in a 14 or
 15 solution loop is another issue - that may be a bug unsolvable by CF but
 rather needs to be addressed by Google. Another option, as I mentioned
 above, might be to stop a user before ever reaching a website that is
 going to ask them to run javascript and connect them between two very
 large end points (CF and Google).

 I'm not convinced about the R/O solution. Seems to me that Tor users would
 likely be more upset the moment they got stale information or couldn't
 POST to a forum or similar. I'd much rather solve the abuse problem and
 make this go away completely. Also, the CAPTCHA-loop thing is an issue
 that needs to be addressed by us and Google.

 I still think the blinded tokens thing is going to be interesting to
 investigate because it would help anonymously prove that the User-Agent
 was controlled by a human and could be sent eliminating the need for any

 > Does Google any end user connections for those captcha requests?

 Can you rewrite that? Couldn't parse it.

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