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#13926: No certificate hierarchy
 Reporter:  cypherpunks              |          Owner:  tbb-team
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Changes (by bugzilla):

 * severity:   => Normal


 > if security.nocertdb=false (not the default), then the intermediate CA
 is found in the permanent / built-in certificate store even after it has
 been purged
 temporary (SSL context) certificate store has been purged (?)

 For https://github.com/
 {{{TypeError: cert is null}}} in
 chrome://pippki/content/viewCertDetails.js : 270:4
 {{{    asn1Tree.loadASN1Structure(cert.ASN1Structure);}}}
 from the beginning.

 {{{nocertdb}}} means "not to store certs" by its name. (But who knows what
 Mozilla thought...)
 So, no cert db  - is not the resolution.

 cert db must be permanent / session, isolated, in-memory, purgable. SSL
 context - isolated, in-memory.

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