[tbb-bugs] #18170 [Tor Browser]: After an update to Tor Browser 5.5 only changelog tab is shown

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Wed Feb 17 16:41:05 UTC 2016

#18170: After an update to Tor Browser 5.5 only changelog tab is shown
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  tbb-5.5-regression                             |     Resolution:
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:9 gk]:
 > I wonder whether the defense-in-depth-part is actually just that. Isn't
 it the case that users coming from Tor Browser < 5.5.3 would need it given
 the other fixes aren't in (for instance) 5.5.2 and the latter is causing
 the restart and the observer notifications?

 You are right. I think we should keep the entire patch but change the
 check in comment. Here is my proposal:
 Bug 18170: After update, only changelog tab shown

 When in permanent private browsing mode, always return false
 for isAutomaticRestoreEnabled. This ensures that there will
 not be any confusion inside nsBrowserContentHandler.defaultArgs
 as to whether a one time session restore will occur.

 Also, for consistency and in case someone looks at the pref,
 avoid setting browser.sessionstore.resume_session = true during
 browser shutdown.

 This bug occurred when staging was not used during the update
 process. On Windows it always occurred because staging is not
 used even when it should be (see #18292).

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