[tbb-bugs] #18313 [Tor Browser]: Tor does not start, no matter what.

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Sat Feb 13 01:10:45 UTC 2016

#18313: Tor does not start, no matter what.
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 Downloaded Tor from this link

 I even checked the signature to be completely sure it's not something
 weird going on there, but it's fine.

 I installed it properly on my desktop and all is well, but when I try to
 start it by double-clicking "Start Tor Browser" all that happens is that
 the loading indicator next to the mouse starts spinning and two new
 processes are started, tor.exe and firefox.exe. I have re-installed it
 several times, I even tried it on a USB stick but it doesn't work.

 Sometimes a window appears that says "Wating for Tor to start" but it
 never changes no matter how long you wait. I also get an error message
 saying "could not connect to tor control port".

 I googled this and it said to try to turn off your firewall and/or anit-
 virus program and try again, I did and it still didn't work.

 This is rare though, most of the time a window never appears at all.

 Any clues?

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