[tbb-bugs] #18231 [Tor Browser]: Torbutton keeps forgetting which cookies I would like to protect

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Thu Feb 4 08:50:39 UTC 2016

#18231: Torbutton keeps forgetting which cookies I would like to protect
     Reporter:  vynX         |      Owner:  tbb-team
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     Severity:  Normal       |   Keywords:  tbb-torbutton
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 Would be great to remove all cookies frequently if trustworthy cookies are
 easily protected, but it isn't helpful if the "Cookie Protections..."
 wizard always shows them as "false".

 I can open up "Cookie Protections...", set useful cookie protection to
 "true", then leave the wizard. If I immediately open it again, it will
 have forgotten which cookies I cared to protect - making this feature
 close to useless.

 Unlike #10824 I unselected Torbutton's own "Don't record history…" switch
 in Privacy Settings (I don't need to distrust my own computer or fear law
 enforcement). Have not checked what happens if I flick that switch since
 in that case I would expect it to indeed not persist the choice of

 I am using TBB 5.0.7 from the gentoo torbrowser overlay. install.rdf from
 torbutton xpi says I am using

 Thanks in advance for looking into this, Mike. Was great meeting you in

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