[tbb-bugs] #19838 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Add dgoulet's obfs4 bridge to Tor Browser's default bridges

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Fri Aug 5 01:16:11 UTC 2016

#19838: Add dgoulet's obfs4 bridge to Tor Browser's default bridges
     Reporter:  isis                      |      Owner:  tbb-team
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 After the suggestion to remove #19714, dgoulet
 project/2016-August/000642.html offered] an obfs4 bridge as a default TB
 obfs4 bridge. The other obfs4 bridge operators have told me their bridges
 are saturated, so, provided that dgoulet's bridge can provide bandwidth
 similar to the others (see #18113 for how the round robining doesn't yet
 take bandwidth into account) then I propose we add it.

 @dgoulet Could we get the bridge line for it privately (so that dcf can
 continue to run tests on how things are blocked)? Or, if you feel like it,
 you can patch it into `Bundle-Data/PTConfigs/bridge_prefs.js` in the `tor-
 browser-bundle` repo, and give one of the TB team the patch.

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