[tbb-bugs] #18283 [Applications/Tor Browser]: Usage of native GUI controls for web content rendering allows fingerprinting

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Wed Aug 3 03:25:12 UTC 2016

#18283: Usage of native GUI controls for web content rendering allows
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Comment (by torrified):

 I said it before and I'll say it again!

 Control Metrics and what does this mean?

 This is simply looking at the 'Differences' and seeing how you compare.

 If everyone using the Tor browser for Linux uses a default theme added to
 Tor, then there is no issue, this only comes into play when you Stand Out
 from the Crowd!

 There is a hell of a lot more concern to Security, Privacy & Anonymity,
 then changing a look, this is tinfoil rubbish! Talking like this, shows
 people haven't an understanding of true computer security and where the
 real threats are at, not the look of a browser or it's different settings.

 Let me make this Clear, you are talking about the Exterior of computing
 and trying to apply it, when the Interior, what is underneath the hood of
 the OS, is where the real importance is!

 TOR is only a Layer and only as Good as those using it! ---> FACT

 So let's please knock off the Tinfoil Hat Theories of computer security!

 GUI Controls for Fingerprints LOL!

 An experienced user, that applies correct security and privacy on their
 end doesn't need to worry about browser fingerprinting, it's utter

 HELLO, Tor applying the same in the Tor Browser bundle that everyone on
 the planet is using, is not a fingerprinting issue!

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