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Tue Apr 26 23:21:01 UTC 2016

#18905: Remove unused menu items from Tor Browser help menu
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 A number of Help menu items in Tor Browser apply only to Firefox or are
 broken in Tor Browser. In particular:
 * "Tor Browser Help" is actually a help menu for Firefox
 * "Tor Browser Tour" is really a Firefox Tour
 * "Tor Browser Health Report" is a Firefox Health Report to Mozilla that
 doesn't work on Tor Browser
 * "Submit Feedback..." sends feedback to Mozilla
 * "Restart with Addons Disabled" is inadvisable

 So I would suggest removing these menu items.

 I have considered the possibility of renaming "Tor Browser Help" and "Tor
 Browser Tour" to "Firefox Help" and "Firefox Tour" and leaving them in,
 but I fear this may be confusing to users. More importantly, we should add
 a menu item with a true "Tor Browser Help"; see #11698.

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