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#18361: Issues with corporate censorship and mass surveillance
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Comment (by jgrahamc):

 Replying to [comment:220 tne]:
 > I agree wholeheartedly with your mention of focusing on individual
 requests instead (who wouldn't?). The problem is, it's just a promise at
 this point. If you could really do it efficiently and reliably, this
 entire discussion would be moot -- you could drop IP rep altogether.
 However, you don't, so evidently you can't (yet) do it efficiently and
 reliably, and timing matters.

 We already do examine individual requests to look for abuse. That's part
 of the layers of defense we give web sites.

 > Whatever long-term plans CF might have regarding a strictly request-
 level approach, any short-term compromises will help.

 I'm working short and medium on this not long. Short term we've introduced
 the ability for sites to whitelist Tor, we changed our clearance cookie so
 that it applies across circuit changes, and we've recently made changes to
 the CAPTCHAs which should stop people getting stuck in loops of CAPTCHAs.
 I'm also working on a slightly less short term project to apply other
 technologies (non-CAPTCHA) to Tor. The important thing there is that I
 need to measure their effectiveness in this situation and will do so.

 > Attempting to reduce CF's reliance on it is a noble goal that I support,
 I'm just afraid it is a mirage that will only perpetuate the status quo
 (which, in my view and that of many others, is hardly tenable). Hopefully
 I don't come across as a defeatist, I'm just trying to be realistic (hence
 the more nuanced suggestion).

 I'm not spending my time here as some sort of mirage or PR exercise.

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