[tbb-bugs] #18700 [Tor Browser]: windows cross-compile failing for out-of-date SDK

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Fri Apr 1 01:28:19 UTC 2016

#18700: windows cross-compile failing for out-of-date SDK
     Reporter:  arthuredelstein  |      Owner:  tbb-team
         Type:  defect           |     Status:  new
     Priority:  Medium           |  Milestone:
    Component:  Tor Browser      |    Version:
     Severity:  Normal           |   Keywords:
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 Here is the error I get:

 configure:4923: checking for w32api version >= 3.14
 configure:4937: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc -c   conftest.c 1>&5
 configure:4953: checking for windres version >= 2.14.90
 configure:4977: checking for i686-w64-mingw32-widl
 configure:5030: checking for highest Windows version supported by this SDK
 configure:5073: checking for Windows SDK being recent enough
 configure: error: You are targeting Windows version 0x06030000, but your
 SDK only supports up to version 0x06020000. Install and use an updated
 SDK, or target a lower version using --with-windows-version.
 Alternatively, try running the Windows SDK Configuration Tool and
 selecting a newer SDK. See
 https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Windows_SDK_versions for more details on
 fixing this.
 *** Fix above errors and then restart with\
                "make -f client.mk build"
 make: *** [configure] Error 1

 So we need to update some library, I guess?

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