[tbb-bugs] #17407 [Tor Browser]: about:tor is broken in unsupported locales in the multi-lingual Tor Browser

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Thu Oct 22 12:07:34 UTC 2015

#17407: about:tor is broken in unsupported locales in the multi-lingual Tor Browser
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 While testing the [https://people.torproject.org/~gk/testbuilds/tor-
 browser-linux64-tbb-nightly-hardened_ALL.tar.xz multi-lingual 64-bit
 hardened build]] (downloaded 2015-10-21) I found a locale-related bug that
 will be relevant for Tails, but perhaps not the vanilla Tor Browser.

 In Tails we run the Tor Browser without Tor Launcher (it's available as a
 standalone XUL application, though), and we set intl.locale.matchOS = true
 so the locale that the user picked in our Greeter is used. So once we use
 the multi-lingual Tor Browser in Tails we won't have the language
 selection dialog, and hence the user can end up with a locale that isn't
 available in that dialog.

 I have found that when an unsupported locale is used, `about:tor` is

 XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location:
 browser/Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default/extensions/torbutton at torproject.org.xpi!/chrome/content/aboutTor/aboutTor.xhtml
 Line Number 207, Column 3:
   <form action="&aboutTor.searchDCPost.link;" method="post">

 This happens, for instance, when setting these locales:

 export LANG="fi_FI.UTF-8"
 export LANG="fur_IT.UTF-8"
 export LANG="wx_YZ.UTF-8"

 I have seen issues like this before in XUL vs DTD translation, and it's
 pretty similar to #11483, so it could just be that some translation string
 is missing, or that we don't fallback to `en-US` properly.

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