[tbb-bugs] #9623 [Tor Browser]: Referers being sent from hidden service websites

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Tue Oct 6 23:01:40 UTC 2015

#9623: Referers being sent from hidden service websites
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Comment (by teor):

 Replying to [comment:28 zyan]:
 > Will fix. On further thought, maybe just get rid of the pref entirely
 until #17228? I can't think of an immediate use case where one would want
 to enable cross-origin onion referrers.

 Onion-sites using sub-onions to host (static) content.
 Or the onion-per-role design that Facebook (and perhaps other sites) use
 (I think it's upload, static, and dynamic).

 Perhaps we could send an email to tor-dev before we decide whether we need
 a preference?

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