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#17250: Japanese font(s) look ugly on websites
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Comment (by yawning):

 Replying to [comment:3 arthuredelstein]:
 > Replying to [comment:1 yawning]:
 > > A few things, by platform:
 > >  * Linux uses `NotoSansCJKsc-Regular.otf`. I'm not sure why we ship
 the Simplified Chinese version of the font.  But it's legible, though I
 haven't looked for differences/stuff that's broken very hard.
 > The NotoSansCJKsc-Regular.otf font covers Japanese, Korean, and both
 Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The "sc" refers to the fact that it
 defaults to Simplified Chinese character variants if the language has not
 been specified by a page.

 Ah ok.  Shouldn't we be shipping a separate Noto variant for each ov the
 CJKV (+TC) locales that we have bundles for?  By default, someone that's
 using the ja_JP bundle is likely going to hit pages with no language
 specifier that are in Japanese...

 If the browser automagically handles all of this, that's great.  I don't
 read Japanese content that much, so I have no idea how modern browsers
 handle this stuff.  Also, Han Unification is Stupid, and should be

 > >  * Under Windows, there's no fonts configured for Japanese
 (`about:preferences#content`->`Advanced`), the drop-downs for Serif, Sans-
 serif, and Monospace are empty. I have no idea how Firefox handles fonts
 named in Japanese (eg: `MS 明朝` whitelisted as `MS Mincho`), but I
 can't select the fonts even though they're present on the system.  Even
 the `about:tor` page looks kind of horrible.
 > Right now on Windows (in the alpha) only MS Mincho is whitelisted, so
 that's the only Japanese font available. I will look into whether it would
 be possible to whitelist more Windows fonts. Are there some you would

 Err. If MS Mincho is whitelisted, why isn't it being used?  As in, with
 the ja_JP bundle on Windows, there are no fonts configured for Japanese at
 all.  Likewise, if it's whitelisted, why can't I select it as my Serif
 font (It should at least appear in the dropdown...)?

 I assume if I hack up my profile to use: `MS 明朝` for my Serif and `M
 S ゴシック` as my Sans-Serif font that things will actually look ok, but
 I haven't tried yet (Double width `M`, `S`, single-width ` `).

 It's worth noting that despite the fonts having been shipped since Windows
 3.1, we should not be whitelisting either if "the font has glyphs that
 changed between versions" is an issue.


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