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#16014: Windows: staged update fails if Meek is enabled
     Reporter:  mcs      |      Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:11 gk]:
 > The latter. The weird thing is that I see it once on the Windows machine
 doing a "normal" update from 4.5a5 (with or without meek) which is quite
 normal. But using your updater.exe I see that dialog shortly with every
 start. If you think these things are unrelated, fine by me. I am just
 worried that the fix has some unintended side effects. :)

 I am also worried there is a side effect or another bug.

 I think it would help a lot if Kathy and I could reproduce the problem.
 Can you provide a little more detail about how you set things up?  I am
 thinking you did something like this:

 * Downloaded TB 4.5a5 and replaced the updater.exe with the one from
 * Started the the browser and configured it to use meek-azure (but what
 you said earlier implies that meek is not required in order to experience
 the extension compatibility dialog bug)
 * Checked for updates and restarted to apply when prompted.
 * Restarted again to get meek to work correctly (due to #13247).
 * From now on you see the add-on compatibility check window each time you
 start Tor Browser.

 Is that it?  Or did you use a different server and mar file?  Did you use
 an en-US package?

 Also, I am not sure in general if it works to simply swap in a different
 updater.exe (I cannot remember if the updater has version information
 embedded in it or not).  So maybe you did something else.

 Here are a few things you can look at within your install where you see
 this problem:
 1) Look under
 <instdir>\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser\Caches\firefox\updates\0 and see
 if there is an update.status file (that directory should be empty after a
 successful update).  If there is an update.status file, what is in it?
 2) Look at the log files up one level from there and see if there is
 anything interesting in them (or just make them available so Kathy and I
 can look).
 3) Check timestamps on the log files and maybe other files to ensure that
 an update is not occurring over and over again (that seems unlikely,
 because you would notice slowness).
 4) Set app.update.log to true and see if anything is logged during start

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