[tbb-bugs] #14985 [Tor Browser]: NoScript Clickjacking warning when clicking on embedded content

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#14985: NoScript Clickjacking warning when clicking on embedded content
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Comment (by gk):

 So this seems to be a bit tricky. The clearclick dialog shows up due to
 `this.checkObstructed(o, ctx)` in ClearClickHandler.js returning `false`
 now. However, it is not clear why this happens with the patch in #13439
 and not without it. I am still looking for the exact reason. One thing
 that puzzles me is that I get output like
 getfirstPartyURI failed for about:blank: 0x80070057
 without the patch in the code path that is crucial for the issue at hand
 but not with it. Looking at the patch I guess this is because
 `IsCallerChrome()` lets us take a shortcut now. I wonder whether
 ClearClick worked at all in the 4.0.x series as I suspect the fix for
 #13439 just made a different issue visible. Does anybody have an example
 of a clickjacking detection by NoScript in a vanilla Firefox we could test
 in 4.0.x?

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