[tbb-bugs] #16429 [Tor Browser]: Isolate mediasource and blob URLs in all contexts

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Mon Jul 27 23:13:50 UTC 2015

#16429: Isolate mediasource and blob URLs in all contexts
     Reporter:  gk       |      Owner:  tbb-team
         Type:           |     Status:  needs_review
  enhancement            |  Milestone:
     Priority:  normal   |    Version:
    Component:  Tor      |   Keywords:  ff38-esr, tbb-linkability,
  Browser                |  TorBrowserTeam201507R, tbb-5.0a4
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:12 mcs]:
 > Kathy and I reviewed all of these changes and they look OK to us.  Just
 a few comments:
 > * Are there cases where the isolation key will be "--ISOLATION-FAILED-"
 when it would be better to just fail?  For example, we could fail the
 creation of a blob URL if we cannot get an isolation key.
 > * A nit: replace "isolationKey" with "aIsolationKey" in the
 nsHostObjectProtocolHandler::AddDataEntry() parameter list.
 > * The messageSent variable is not really used inside
 dom/base/test/bug15703_page_retrieve.html; you could just remove it.

 Thanks for the review and these helpful suggestions. I've made changes to
 address each of them. Here's the new branch:


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