[tbb-bugs] #16495 [Tor Browser]: Tor Browser 5.0a3 crashes on nytimes.com with security level set to "High"

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Thu Jul 2 16:48:22 UTC 2015

#16495: Tor Browser 5.0a3 crashes on nytimes.com with security level set to "High"
     Reporter:  gk       |      Owner:  tbb-team
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    Component:  Tor      |   Keywords:  tbb-crash, tbb-5.0a,
  Browser                |  TorBrowserTeam201507
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:2 mcs]:
 > I can sometimes (but not always) reproduce this on an old 32-bit Linux
 system.  I wonder if different content is loaded when certain exit nodes
 are used, leading to the "sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't"
 behavior we are seeing?
 > Like other people, I have not been able to get the separate debug symbol
 method to work at all

 Creating a .debug directory in tor-browser_en-US/Browser and copying the
 contents of Debug/Browser into it is giving me symbols. Curiously just
 attaching gdb to Tor Browser just freezes Tor Browser on every machine I
 tried. Might be yet another thing to look at.

 > gk's stack does not look familiar to me.  It is deep in CSS and
 unfortunately gdb was not able to produce a complete stack.
 > Kathy and I will not have much of an opportunity to debug this over the
 next few days, so I hope someone else has time.  Does it make sense to
 toggle the prefs. that are tied to the security slider one at a time to
 see which pref. (and therefore perhaps which patch) is the culprit?  My
 bet is on the SVG patch again but I do not know if any SVG content is

 Toggling the SVG related pref fixes the issue.

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