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#14429: Automated rounding of content window dimensions
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:4 arthuredelstein]:
 > Replying to [comment:3 gk]:
 > > The challenge here has never been to enforce rounding of a window by a
 certain multiple of, say 100. The challenge is to achieve that AND don't
 change how the browser looks like or behaves in important ways. I think a
 viable improvement would at least be if we would prompt a user *before*
 the window is actually maximized/in fullscreen mode (#7255) which we'd
 need anyway even if we don't take this patch but just make the user aware
 that she is about to shoot herself in the foot.
 > I don't understand this approach. Why would we want to permit users to
 shoot themselves in the foot, even after a warning? Some users won't
 understand the warning and will get deanonymized. I think in practice, we
 should be protecting users from this easy and fatal mistake.
 > Of course, it's not just maximizing or fullscreen that is dangerous --
 any resizing is dangerous.

 There are at least two things to consider IMO: 1) There are use cases
 where resizing/maximizing a window or making a window fullscreen is no
 shooting oneself in the foot at all. 2) If we make the usability burden
 too high, users are going away from Tor Browser and reducing the anonymity
 group for all other users as well.

 Wrt to 2) remember we even allow the user to activate Flash in Tor Browser
 and allowing that may have much worse consequences than the screen
 resizing problem. But we do that for a reason while all the other plugins
 are not allowed to run at all. I think we should at least allow a user to
 opt out of the automatic rounding of browser windows, too. And not
 allowing 1) is even more problematic, I think (and I could come up ad hoc
 with a bunch of scenarios where resizing is no problem at all). So as I
 said: We should at least do #7255 + the fix here, trying to impact
 usability as little as possible even if we have the prompt in order to not
 make users upset to a point where they choose a different browser. The
 plan Mike had on IRC is a good one:
 22:44 < mikeperry> so I think the best plan is to combine #14429 and #7255
                    so that we do the trim/forced window size by default,
 but then
                    give users a "Don't do this in the future" confirm
 dialog or
 22:44 < mikeperry> so they could opt out and actually resize their window
 freely if
                    they want
 We could even be smarter showing a (different?) dialog (additionally)
 warning a user who is resizing the browser window although it is already a
 rounded one (if the user did not opt out yet).

 (Personally, and this is 3), users should have the right to shoot
 themselves in the foot if they want to but that is orthogonal to the much
 more important 1) and 2)).

 > > And, yes, zooming (#7256) is an interesting approach which might get
 us around all of the rounding issue...
 > I agree that zooming could help cosmetically, but if the user resizes
 the window, trying to see more of a page, and the page zooms instead, that
 could be frustrating, too.

 I did not say it is easy... ;)

 That#s the global view I have in mind. Hopefully, it makes at least a bit
 sense. :) I have to think about your patch and some really good options a
 bit more...

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