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#14429: Automated rounding of content window dimensions
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    Component:  Tor        |   Keywords:  tbb-fingerprinting, tbb-torbutton
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:3 gk]:

 Thanks very much for testing, by the way! I do agree the large gray areas
 are going to be a turn-off to users, so some improvements to this patch
 could be:
 1. Auto-trimming the window to hide gray areas after a user-requested
 2. Decreasing the step-size from 200x200 to 100x100 or 50x50. This would
 buy some usability at the expense of 2 bits or 4 bits of entropy.
 3. Providing a whitelist of typical window sizes, such as maximized sizes
 on various screens.
 3. Zooming the window as the user adjusts the window size so that a gray
 bar is only present along one dimension or another ("letterbox" or

 Does this seem like a useful avenue to pursue?

 (Of course this sort of auto-resizing patch could also be used in
 conjunction with a warning to users when they first attempt to resize a

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