[tbb-bugs] #14212 [Tor Browser]: Update ReleaseProcess after #13015 changes

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Tue Jan 27 09:20:02 UTC 2015

#14212: Update ReleaseProcess after #13015 changes
     Reporter:  boklm    |      Owner:  tbb-team
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  Browser                |   Keywords:  MikePerry201501R,
   Resolution:  fixed    |  TorBrowserTeam201501R
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Comment (by gk):

 The problem was that I messed the updater related thing up (I think it was
 actually just a problem as that was my first release). IIRC some
 permissions were wrong or not all files were copied to the correct place.
 The blog post went live and people were wondering what is up with updating
 to the new version.

 The question is probably where do we expect serious issues popping up. If
 not with respect to the updater then leaving the things as-is is good. If
 we can imagine the updating procedure itself could be affected then we
 should switch: if it is not working for some reason, nobody is harmed and
 we have time to fix it before the first users are showing up asking (that
 might take longer now, though, as we remove the support for older versions
 later in the release process from now on). If it is working, great, let
 the blog post go live.

 I wonder what kind of serious issues you have in mind as we probably don't
 want to wait, say hours, before we let the user getting updates via our
 updater. If it is thus just a matter of some minutes would that really
 help finding those blockers which make a difference (we probably would
 even not have found the Windows crash bug in the 4.0 version that way)?
 Hmm... What is Mozilla doing?

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