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#14713: Investigate Multiprofile/"Switchy" Support for Tor Browser
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 The -profilemanager or -P flag can be used to manage profiles. One profile
 is marked as the default (usually the first profile created, called
 default) and is loaded automatically when firefox starts. When the -P flag
 is passed to firefox, a prompt is displayed that shows all available
 profiles and asks the user to choose one to load.

 From the prompt, you can delete, rename, or create new profiles. You can
 also disable loading the default profile automatically. This means that
 each time firefox is started (with or without the -P flag) the user is
 prompted to choose a profile to run.

 This could be set up so that Tor Browser prompts the user to choose
 between a "Default" profile or a "Tor" profile.

 You can also edit the profiles file by hand. On Windows it's located under
 \Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Browser\profiles.ini, and the syntax
 looks like:



 The -no-remote flag lets you launch multiple profiles at once, e.g. you
 could have the default profile and the tor profile loaded in separate
 firefox processes at the same time. You can't run the same profile twice,

 Given this information, is a separate add-on needed? It seems like
 everything needed for this feature is already present in stock Firefox. Is
 there something I missed about Switchy?

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