[tbb-bugs] #15042 [Tor Browser]: Update ReleaseProcess for Tor Browser 4.0.5/4.5a5 release

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Thu Feb 26 14:48:44 UTC 2015

#15042: Update ReleaseProcess for Tor Browser 4.0.5/4.5a5 release
 Reporter:  gk             |          Owner:  tbb-team
     Type:  enhancement    |         Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |      Milestone:
Component:  Tor Browser    |        Version:
 Keywords:  tbb-4.5-alpha  |  Actual Points:
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 Looking at the current ReleaseProcess file and taking my experiences
 during the last release into account here come some improvements needed:

 -we need to set `NSS_CERTNAME` optionally at least as well before signing
 the MARs as there is only one certificate with the hard-coded `marsigner`
 nickname allowed

 -we need to set the group of the stable and alpha browser directories to
 `torwww` with something like `chown :torwww $TORBROWSER_VERSION -R`

 -I am still nor sure what would be best after running `static-update-
 component dist.torproject.org`. For the stable release I did a mix as I
 knew syncing to nova took about 2-3 hours the last time and I did not want
 to have no downloadable Tor Browser during that gap. Thus, I just added
 the new version. But that made torbrowser-launcher people unhappy arguing
 we should only add a new version if it is available at all. And there is a
 point here especially as weasel killed the syncing of nova after about 6
 hours because the internet sucks.
 I guess the lesson from this is we have to be around when the syncing is
 finished/aborted and update *then* immediately `versions.wmi` and
 `RecommendedTBBVersions` leaving basically just the gap needed for
 rebuilding the website.

 -make sure to put the signed MAR files back to your build machine before
 creating the update responses otherwise there will be a size mismatch.
 (Copying them anyway even if one is not in charge of the release might be
 a good idea although it should not influence the incremental MARs for the
 release thereafter)

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