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#14383: finalize RecommendedTBBVersions format
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Comment (by evil):

 i support this ticket and i would like to help defining a usable API.

 together with ilv and naif i'm implementing a /gettor functionality [1]
 for the tor2web project and this are the issues i've currently found that
 it would be good to discuss for the definition of RecommendedTBBVersions

 1) Currently it's not possible to clearly discern which are the stable
 versions and which are the alpha versions;
 2) Currently the API does not export any information about the language in
 which the TBB is available and an user that would like to know it would
 have to parse directly the repository HTML;
 3) Currently the API does not clarify which are the operating systems for
 which each version is available in a usable way; in fact also on this
 currently the API currently mixes the version number with the name of the
 operating system causing need custom and possibly buggy parsing;
 4) Currently the API does not export the link to the Browser binary that
 would be useful for implementing tb-update and checktor like
 functionalities; currently in all our projects we are composing languages
 we think exists plus the version plus the os and expecting the binary to
 be there;
 5) As for 4) currently the API does not export the link to the browser
 binary signature.

 [1] https://github.com/globaleaks/Tor2web-3.0/issues/168

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